Actionable Data in Real Time

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Tactical Platform

OD Tactical Platform provides a full-service security package, allowing police, military and emergency forces to broadcast, record and analyze operational situations in real time.

Asset 1   Military-Grade Camera Glasses

asset 2   Secure Tactical Collaboration Platform

asset 3   Integrated Facial Recognition Technology

asset 4   Integration ability  to almost all platforms 



live streaming Glasses

Multiple Features - Optimized Experience

>> POV (Point Of View) Function

        >> Customizable Power Modes

              >> 2.2 MM Bulletproof Lenses

                      >> Lightweight & Durable Frames

                              >> Chemical and Impact Resistant

                                    >> High Quality Wifi Chip

Media Transfer

The OD Tactical platform introduces military-grade encryption into civilian communication devices.

Users can transmit live video and share files, text messages and pictures securely using their own mobile devices.

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