Our team is made up of extraordinary individuals who served in the top echelons of one of the most elite, combat tested fighting forces in the world; The IDF. 

OD Tactical Eyewear's CEO  is Brigadier General ( Res.) Tzvika Kraus, who served as Commanding Officer of the Ordinance , Technology and Maintenance Corps. He brings 25 years of front line combat experience, in counter terrorism,  and cutting edge military technology,  to his position as CEO of OD Tactical Eyewear. Just as he was responsible for Israel's technological advantage on the battle field, his vision for OD Tactical Eyewear has insured the company's position as as a world leader in wearable audio visual recording and streaming devices . Under his leadership,OD Tactical Eyeware's integrated facial recognition capabilities and "warrior's eye" point of view, allow both the soldier in the field, and the commander in the war room, an unparalleled advantage over any adversary.

Why us


The IDF is known for its innovation, daring and initiative. The attitude is, there is nothing that cannot be improved upon.


The core product of OD Tactical Eyewear are military-grade glasses, which feature a hi-def camera in the center of the nose-piece, audio recording capabilities with live Streaming with developing video analysis software (face recognition,vehicle identification) . This means the soldier in the field or the officer on the beat, can visually and audibly see throw the solders eyes and make fast and right decisions with analysis and detection software.

OD Tactical Eyewear also offers the most advanced facial recognition technology available in the world today, with proven, 99.9% accuracy.


In counter-terrorism, the objective is to always prevent the terrorist from getting to the target. OD Tactical Eyewear provides an integrated system of static and wearable cameras (eyewear), which enables security forces at airports, train stations, sports arenas, virtually all soft targets, to spot and neutralize the terrorist at the parking lot, before they ever get to the terminal, arena or other soft target. Only OD Tactical Eyeweaar can look inside a car and, with its facial recognition technology, instantly identify anyone on a watchlist.

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