OD Tactical Eyewear – The Answer to Two Global Challenges

The greatest challenges which police departments and security forces worldwide, will face in the coming years are almost universally acknowledged to be dealing with massive civil disobedience and the ever-increasing risk of terrorism.


The single greatest spark that can ignite large-scale rioting or violent protest is the feeling, on behalf of minority communities, that individual police officers will, under cover of authority, mistreat them and get away with it.

At the same time, the greatest fear of police officers is that they will become the victims of an unjustified accusation, which may well cost them their career, their liberty, or even their lives. Thus, in the wake of Ferguson and Charleston, as well as riots throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, more and more police departments have turned toward the use of body-worn cameras. Unfortunately, body cams are not the answer. Body cams are worn at chest-level, and point straight ahead. They are an outdated technology which sees what the officer’s chest sees, not what his eyes see.

OD Tactical Eyewear is a state-of-the-art pair of lightweight sunglasses, which provide the highest standard, combat tested, audio/visual/facial recognition technology at the most competitive prices on the market today.

In the field of terrorism, virtually every major city in the world is now vulnerable to either large-scale or so-called “Lone Wolf” attacks. From Paris and Brussels, Spain and London to San Bernardino, Boston, New York and Orlando, Tel Aviv to Mumbai or Nairobi, local police departments have been thrust onto the front line on the war against terrorism. 

Utilizing cutting edge, Israeli facial recognition technology, which can interface with the client's data base, the soldier in the field, or officer on the beat, will be able to access everything that is known about a suspect, not by running his finger prints, but simply by looking at him or her. It works equally in crowds and low light conditions, and was already operational during President Trump's recent visit to Israel.

All types of O.D. Tactical Eyewear have blue tooth/Wi-Fi/cellar capabilities for real time streaming to smart phones, pad devices, mobile units or command centers.

With OD Tactical Eyewear, the Future is now!
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